Buildtec Bio Ltd mission is to collaborate with Indonesia’s Bandung Institute of Technology to unite mobile Blockchain and health diagnostic technologies for which they share the vision of contributing to society on a global scale. Through crowdfunding, we will overcome the time and cost issues associated with regional approval processes, and through technological developments, manufacturing and distribution that maximizes social values we will cultivate sustainable business entrepreneurship. We aim to fulfill our vision of becoming “the most trustworthy company to clients” by providing forward-thinking services and advanced technological solutions.


·    2021

‌2nd half of 2021
- Production of the first 3K diagnostic device in July 2021
- Supplied diagnostic equipment in September (IND, Korea)
- Enter ASEAN market
- Establish 2nd research goals
1) Watch phone
2) Smartphone
3) Diagnostic device
4) Diagnosis sheet
5) Corona diagnostic kit

·    2020

‌2nd half of 2020 ~ 1st half of 2021
- August IND Bandung Institute of Technology diagnostic device joint development
- October 5th Blockchain platform establishment
- November Developed and launched a smartphone mining machine
- Completed the 1st and 2nd development of the integrated payment system in December
- Building a shopping mall

·    2019

‌2019 ~ 1st half of 2020
5th Blockchain Launch
- Smart watch phone
- Smart phone supply)
- AUS PENTAex Exchange HACON is listed

‌B‌UILDTEC Subsidiaries

‌PT BuildTec Bio (IDN)
- Diagnostic device develop, manufacture, and distribute
- HACON publication
- Joint Development with INDa’s Bandung Institute of Technology
Buildtec Bio prod. (IDN prod.)
- Health Diagnosis platform (Device manufacture & distribution)
- Coins produced will be used for crowdfunding

- Acquire permission for 1st in ASX
- Manage coin international exchange

‌Buildtec Holdings Ltd.
- IoT, AI, smart city system design and operation
- Communication construction equipment, construction
- System maintenance and service

‌Buildtec Ltd.
- Watch phone, smartphone, mobile app program development
- Self-service shop, integrated Build payment, IoT, AI, smart city system design and operation
- Shopping mall


5th Blockchain

Blockchain based medical data total platform using AI and big data
Self-developed 5th Blockchain technology allows integrated management of medical data and scattered data from smart phones and other devices
Self-developed 5th Blockchain technology allows integrated management of medical data and scattered data from smart phones and other devices

Build Health Checker Platform

Build Health Checker Platform
Healthcare platform researched and developed for the purpose of extending life expectancy through early diagnosis and improved cure rate
Many different diseases can be diagnosed at home using the diagnosis platform
Covid-19 diagnostic device in development
Early diagnosis of different kinds of cancer, disease, infection, and virus

Smart Total Solution

Smart total solution that easily manages from healthcare to emergency situations
Smart phone and smart watch phone, self-developed with advanced technology, allows user to intimately interact and systemically manage health.
Easy to carry as smart phone and smart watch phoneSelf-developed Proof-of-work algorithm for mobile HACON mining
Press-to-talk (usable on worldwide telecommunication, WiFi networks)
Utilize IoT and AI.

HACON Platform

The publication and distribution of HACON are for the purpose of using them for the crowdfunding of the product that is being developed and produced by the foundation. The production and distribution of the smart watch phone, diagnosis device, and diagnosis chip are only for crowdfunding purposes.


‌▷ BUILDTEC utilizes the Ubiquitousness of the smartphone network to create a Blockchain ecosystem characterized by efficiency and flexibility that can be used by individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations and institutions in various industries.

▷ 5th Blockchain is a platform to integrate Blockchain into real life and provide it as a service, and we want to make the most of the potential of Blockchain without any cost and development burden.

▷ Through the 5th Blockchain's innovative functions, grouping algorithms, ungrouping functions, and mining in mobile wallets, the 5th Blockchain platform is a smart phone-based payment system, customer service, We support various projects such as real estate management and financial services.


‌Features of 5th Blockchain

5th Blockchain

‌5th Blockchain refers to a technology that improves security by putting the concept of Blockchain + space-time (mobile communication grafted) and increases throughput to speed up processing. If the existing Blockchain is the concept of data + time, the 5th Blockchain is the concept of data + time + space.

Space-time algorithm

‌The spatio-temporal algorithm calculates time and space values for real-time time and location. And it is set as an algorithm for the global location value and simultaneous location value of N~512 random node maintainers.

‌Keep 512 nodes

‌5th Blockchain is a P2P transaction method, and N~512 randomly or randomly assigned people maintain their proof of transaction as a node. This has increased the security of new transactions.


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